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MS Exchange 2013 EVENT ID: 1057


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SINGLE SIGN ON - LEGACY CA Data Protection (DataMinder) CA User Activity Reporting



When using MS Exchange 2013 and the CA Data Protection Exchange Server Agent (ESA), the event log will produce the following benign error:

Event id: 1057 MSExchange Extensibility Agent 'CA DataMinder Exchange Server Agent' went async but did not call Resume on the new thread, while handling event 'OnSubmittedMessage'


Microsoft introduced a code change in Exchange 2013 which produces benign errors in the event logs when the Data Protection Exchange Server Agent is also present.


After applying FIX:RO88793 (incorporating Integration_x64_14.5_HF0189) the thread is initialized for asynchronous event handling and the error no longer appears.

FIX:RO88793 is available to download from the CA Support Portal (


Additional Information:

The error is benign in respect of the code change within MS Exchange 2013.

The fix was created as per Microsoft's recommendation referenced in the link below;



Release: ODLPSD05900-14.5-Data Protection-for Stored Data