Increase the DSA Interface Capacity in a 3-Tier NFA install
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Increase the DSA Interface Capacity in a 3-Tier NFA install


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)



How can we increase the interface capacity on our DSA? New interfaces are not going into "Licensed" status. The pumplogs on the NFA Master Console show messages similar to the following:

9:00:19 4 - Pump::DataConverter: All data storage appliances are at capacity.





3-tiered NFA install with separate DSA machines.



Each DSA has a "Capacity" setting in the reporter.database_servers table on the NFA Master Console machine. This limit is designed to prevent the DSA from running out of disk space. The DSA requires enough hard drive space to retain 15-minute data points from all interfaces for 12 months. We recommend that the data drive on a DSA with a 5000 interface Capacity should be over 1TB in size.



If we are certain that the data drive on the DSA has sufficient disk space, we can use MySQL commands to increase the Capacity parameter.

To check the Capacity settings for each DSA, we can log on to the NFA Master Console machine and run:

-Mysql Reporter

-Select * from database_servers


For example, to set the Capacity on the DSA with "ServerID 1" to 5000 interfaces, we can run:

-update database_servers set Capacity='5000' where ServerID='1' ;




1. Launch the NFA web GUI 

2. Click on "Administration" 

3. Click on "DSA" under System 

4. Click on the "Edit" option for the DSA 

5. Click the "Test" button to get the latest interface Capacity set on the DSA. 


Additional Information:

Please use caution when increasing the Capacity parameter. Make sure that there is sufficient disk space to support the increased interface capacity. If the Capacity parameter is set too high the machine might not run out of disk space until months later, since the DSA is configured to retain one year's worth of data from each interface.


Release: RAIB1H99000-9.3-Network Flow Analysis-Interface Bundle-Hardware