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Status of the Dispatch started task when running the DSEXCULP job.


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Dispatch Output Mgmt



Does the Dispatch STC have to be ACTIVE when we run the DSEXCULP/CADSCULP job?



The way the CADSCULP procedure (PROC) is provided with Dispatch, it is designed to run with the Dispatch started task ACTIVE.

However, the CADSCULP PROC can be modified such that "COMMENTING OUT" both the //CAICTL and the //SYSCTL DD statements would allow the job to run with the Dispatch started task DOWN, assuming that Dispatch had been brought down clean. 

If you attempt to run the CADSCULP job with the Dispatch started task DOWN but have NOT commented out the //CAICTL and //SYSCTL DD statements, you will receive a "DC208002L CV 025 NOT ACTIVE REPLY RETRY OR CANCEL" error.


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch