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Upgrade to Gen 8.x, is rebinding the TIRPROFD package necessary


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Upgrading to Gen 8.5, is rebinding the TIRPROFD package necessary?


Release: 8.0, 8.5, 8.6


If you are using Temporary Storage Queues (TSQ) for CICS, then TIRPROFD will not come into play.  

Otherwise, you will need to rebind the TIRPROFD and use the RPROF table to manage the flow. 

To confirm which one is being used, please check the Target Environments on the Business System Settings to see if CICS is specified or DB2  is specified for the Target Environment Parameter. 

Additional Information

If you are using release 8.x runtime and using the TIRPROFD package, then you will need to run CEJOB15R to rebind the TIRPROFD, unless your applications are from earlier releases prior to release 8.0 where the table has been statically linked.

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