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Unable to start MSMTC. Getting COMPLETION CODE - SYSTEM=000 USER=4038 REASON=00000001


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)



I am having problems starting up MSMTC on z/OS 2.1 for the first time. z/OS 2.1 was recently implemented. This is the first attempt to start CA CSM on our z/OS 2.1 system. I did not have this issue on z/OS 1.13. 

CEE3588S A call was made to a function in the AMODE 64 DLL from an AMODE 31 caller.
         From entry point JzosVM::initializeVMArgs() at compile unit offset +00000090 at entry offset +00000090 at
         address 0AB05748.                                                     
CEE3DMP V2 R1.0: Condition processing resulted in the unhandled condition.     
ASID: 00A9   Job ID: STC43411   Job name: MSMTC      Step name: MSMTC      PID: 83886828   Parent PID: 1   User name: MSMTC


While there may be any number of concerns the first thing to verify is that you are running a supported version of Java. This is documented in the CA Chorus Software Manager Site Preparation Guide. When defining the version of Java be sure that the correct Java path is defined and the correct Java program is specified



Update member MSMLIB in the CA CSM runtime SAMPLIB library and set the JAVA HOME path.

Update your MSMTC startup JCL to reference the correct program on the EXEC PGM= statement.

eg. If JAVA_HOME = /usr/lpp/java/J7.1_64  then PGM=JVMLDM77


Additional Information:

At this time Java 8 is not supported. See Knowledge Document TEC1785411


Release: MSMNGR00200-5.1-Chorus Software Manager