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JCLCHECK CAY6300S message


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JCLCheck Workload Automation



Why is JCLCheck generating error message CAY6300S UNABLE TO ALLOCATE FILE DAIR CODE '0410'?


This message indicates that JCLCheck is unable to allocate proclibs with AUTOPROC option specified. Check the CA Support Online website, z/OS Compatibility Matrix for JCLCheck and ensure that all required maintenance is applied to JCLCheck for the z/OS Operating System Version/Level you are currently running. 

Also note that if AUTOPROC is specified, JCLCheck will obtain proclib definitions from the JES proclib concatenation. If any PROCxx DD statements are allocated in JCLCheck job itself, AND when these same PROCxx DD's exist in the JES proclib concatenation, the CAY6300S message will occur. You must remove these DD statements from the JCLCheck job/allocation in order for AUTOPROC to work.  

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z/OS Compatibility Matrix


Component: CM-Z2