Running the MANT task on demand
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Running the MANT task on demand


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When MAINTTME is set to a non-zero value the MANT task will automatically  run when CA 11 initializes and thereafter wake up in the number of days specified.  Is there a way to  run the MANT task on demand?



Release: 11.0, 3.0


The MANT task is handled automatically if MAINTTME has a value other than 0.  This occurs during initialization and when the task wakes up and runs based on the value specified for MAINTTME.  To control the MANT task  manually perform the following

  1. Set MAINTTME=0 in the Config file 
  2. Issue Dbas command COMCHAR START MANT to manually run the task

NOTE:  COMCHAR is the value defined in the config file.  Once the command is issued the MANT task will run and detaches upon completion.

If MAINTTME is set to a value other than 0, the MANT task will initialize and attach during DBAS initialization time .  If there is a desire to run the MANT task on demand in this type of case, first issue COMCHAR STOP MANT (to detach the MANT task) followed COMCHAR START MANT to perform and on demand run of the MANT task.