Workflow Tasks are not being displayed for a category in a recently created change order


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When creating a Change Order (CO) with a particular category after saving the CO, It should start a workflow, but the tasks are not displayed in the Task list under the workflow task. The workflow tasks are created in the database and it can be seen that the Workflow start date is displayed in the top of the tab, but again no task available, in addition the CAB console button will not open a page it will just not do anything.


Windows OS

Service Desk, 12.7 or later



Task categories status field had null values that did not allow to display the workflow tasks in the CO. This values come from the database 12.5 were the issue did not occur due to starting 12.7 the code changes prevent to have null values in the status of a task, therefore if there are null values the page will not display the data correctly.

The null values can be identified by running the following query:

SQL SERVER or  ORACLE databases

SELECT chgcat.sym as category_name, wftpl.task, tskty.sym as task_name, bhvtpl.context_attrval

FROM bhvtpl

Left join wftpl on bhvtpl.object_id =

left join tskty on wftpl.task = tskty.code

left join chgcat on wftpl.object_attrval =

WHERE bhvtpl.context_type = 'wf' and bhvtpl.context_attrval is null and chgcat.del = 0



In order to solve this issue use the results from the query above and follow the steps bellow:

1.    1.Go to administration tab-> service desk->change orders->categories and select the category or categories found with the query.

2.    2.Then go to the workflow tab of the category selected and identify the task which has the incorrect NULL value with the query.

3.    3.Open the task you will notice that there is a blank value in the status field even if the rest are filled.

4.    4.Make a right click over the blank status and select delete.

5.    5.Check the results by opening again the CO affected you will notice that the workflow tasks are being displayed again and the CAB console will open again.




Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License