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What is the process to change the collection interval time within Detector for Db2?


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Detector for DB2 for z/OS Database Management for DB2 for z/OS - Performance Suite


Is there a task list to change the collection interval time within Detector for Db2 for z/OS (PDT)?


Release: 20.0
Component: PDT


The steps below can be used to change the interval time for PDT non-cross system collections.
In this example the Interval time is being changed from 4 hours to 1 hour:

1) If starting collections using MVS Modify commands, change the INT value in your collections from INT(0400) to INT(0100).

2) If starting collections using the Online panels, change the "Interval Time ==>" value on the "DETECTOR Start Collection Display" to ==> 01 : 00. 

Since the Maximum Number of Intervals value cannot be increased you may want to create a new PDT Datastore. This is because you will now use
4 intervals to collect the same amount of data that you used to collect in 1 interval. Hence, 24 hours of data will now take 24 intervals instead of 6.
Therefore, your current Maximum Number of Intervals value will need to be increased by 4 on the new Datastore. The easiest way to do this is: 

1) Create a new temporary Datastore on the Online panels (Option 7). 

2) Stop the current PDT collection. 

3) Use the PDTDSCPY job in <High.Level>.CDBAJCL library to copy current PDT Datastore into a temporary Datastore. 

4) Verify the data within the temporary Datastore.  If the temporary Datastore is correct, delete your current Datastore using option 2 on the Detector Main menu. 

5) Recreate the current Datastore with a Maximum Number of Intervals value 4 times greater than currently defined.
(Another option is to use the PDTDSALC job in <High.Level>.CDBAJCL library to recreate the Datastore.  Verify the MAXI parameter value is 4 times greater than currently defined)

6) Use the PDTDSCPY job to the temporary Datastore into the Datastore created in Step 5. 

7) Verify the data in the PDT Datastore created in Step 5.  If the data is correct delete the temporary Datastore. 

8) Restart the PDT collection.

Additional Information

Determine whether or not you are running cross system collections.
f so, consider Knowledgebase Article: My SYSPLEX interval time for my collections is 1 hour. How can I change this?

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