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Unable to upload excel and pdf format as attachments


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How can Service Catalog be configured to change the file extensions that can be uploaded as attachments? I'd like to be able to add or remove extensions.



Release: CASVCT99000-12.9-Service Catalog


Filename validation is controlled by a Filter specified in the below mentioned file:

Location: %USM_HOME%/view/conf/


1. '' and '' files contain default property values as defined by the Service Catalog system.

The '' file should contain list of all the file extensions that has to be blocked by Catalog system.

For example to allow .xlsx files:

 1. Add ',.xlsx' to 'HttpUtilities.ApprovedUploadExtensions' within "%USM_HOME%\view \conf\"

 2. Removed the following signature  - 50 4B 03 04, 50 4B 05 06, 50 4B 07 08 from "%USM_HOME%\view\webapps\usm\config \"

 3. Recycled Catalog service

NOTE: It's possible that the files modified in these steps could be overwritten by applying a patch or upgrading to a newer version of Service Catalog. It is recommended to make a backup of these files prior to performing any update to the application.


Additional Information

USM_HOME: Catalog Installation Directory

Wiki Reference: As per the signatures may be the same for zip/jar/xlsx

Property name: Validator.FileName=^[a-zA-Z0-9\\p{L}! @#$%^&{}\\[\\]()_+\\-=,.~'`]{1,255}$
is defined for regex potentially limiting file names