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How do I lower the HDD Utilization on my CA PAM Appliance?


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


How do I lower the HDD Utilization on my CA PAM Appliance?


All Privileged Access Manager versions


There are 3 main ways that the HDD might get filled: Syslog, logging levels & Database backups. Please check out the following suggestions. If you have more than one appliance you will need to do these checks on each one individually.

1)  Under Config > Logs: there are log purging options
--Manual log purge
Here you can save the logs to a file and download them for backup. After downloading you should delete the csv file and purge the logs up to the selected date with the "Purge" button. (Do not use "purge all" unless you downloaded ALL the logs as a backup!!)
--Automatic Log Purge
You can set the appliance to purge the logs at a regular interval to avoid this from happening in the future. You can also choose to have the logs sent to an email for backup before they are purged.

2) Under Config > Diagnostic: you will see that some of the logs can be set to higher log levels. This is usually only done when support suggests it and if you forget to set the log level back down it will eat up space. Here are the default settings you should use:
Tomcat: Either Info or Warning
Applet Log Level: 0 or Error (depending on your version)
Web Services Log Level: Error
LDAP Sync Log Level: Normal

The following only exist in 2.5+:
Xsuite As SAML RP Log Level: Normal
Xsuite As SAML IdP Log Level: Normal

3) Under Config > Database: there are database backup options
--Configuration and Database File Operations
Open the drop down box, if there are a lot of backups then you should delete some. Consider downloading them first and keeping them on a remote server.
--Schedule Backup, Save Configuration and Database or Reset Database
If you are using scheduled backups you may wish to set the "Maximum Files to Keep Locally" option lower so it doesn't build up too many.


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