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Capacity Manager error Unknown Error connecting to Data Manager


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CA Capacity Manager


Problem: Capacity Manager error Unknown Error connecting to Data Manager

While trying to set up ODBC connection to DM from Capacity Manager 5.2, get error:

Error Connecting to Data Manager


Unknown Error connecting to Data Manager

<Please see attached file for image>



In ODBC Manager, while selecting an Oracle ODBC driver, we see that the Version and Company columns show "Not Marked".  There may be a problem with the Oracle odbc driver you are using if it displays "Not Marked".  This normally would present a version.  If during the set up of the New Data Source in ODBC Manager, you see an error 126 or 193 error code, this can indicate that the driver did not properly register during install.


If there is another Oracle ODBC driver in the list, try using that one.  Capacity Manager uses the 64 bit Oracle ODBC driver and it may need to be installed or in case of error, reinstalled.  The Capacity Manager installer will install the Oracle Database instant client if another client is not present.

Also, if needed you can get the Oracle ODBC driver from the below location.

Instant Client Downloads for Microsoft Windows (x64)



Release: HYPCMA05900-5.2-Hyperformix-Capacity Manager-Application


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