Standby and Application servers are not starting with error: failed: server name not found
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Standby and Application servers are not starting with error: failed: server name not found


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In AA environment, ServiceDesk standby server and  ServiceDesk application servers are not starting up even after a successful pdm_configure where all tasks completed with success

In the ServiceDesk stdlogs in $NX_ROOT\Log directory, we will see the following message during the time of the attempt startup of ServiceDesk Application:

03/19 21:42:50.96 SERVER_NAME pdm_rfbroker_nxd 6176 ERROR rfbroker.c 1419 Register server SERVER_NAME (13818) failed: server name not found 

Furthermore when trying to start ServiceDesk manually from command line, we will get the following error message:

Error 1067: 'Process unexpectedly Terminated' 


The reason for this is because the ServiceDesk standby server and ServiceDesk application servers are not sync or registered with the ServiceDesk Background Server


1. Stop all Servers(application(s), Standby, and Background). It won't hurt to reboot the server itself.

2. Start the Background server first. Once the Background server is up and running then start up the Standby Server

3. Once the Standby server is up and running, you can proceed to start up the application server(s).


Additional Information:

 A topic of this was covered under a communities posting:

** This issue can be also a cause if you have firewall and dmz enabled and you haven't enabled firewall/dmz setting as per ServiceDesk Documentation:

(This document talks about primary-secondary but still relevant in Advance Availability environment)

Once you have firewall/dmz setting in place please follow the Resolution above


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License