LGGR014I Log browse search was interrupted. Elapsed time exceeded 00:00:30
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LGGR014I Log browse search was interrupted. Elapsed time exceeded 00:00:30


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After the upgrade to SYSVIEW 14.1, we experienced a different behavior when using the Select line command from CTRANS to invoke the CTRANLOG command.

Selecting the transaction 'XXXX' from CTRANS in 14.0 quickly produced a CTRANLOG display.  Selecting the same transaction from CTRANS in 14.1, the answer is returned after 30 seconds, along with a message saying the request has been interrupted.

LGGR014I Log browse search was interrupted. Elapsed time exceeded 00:00:30 ------------ Lvl 4 Row 616-630/630…

Before the 30 second limit expired, every 5 seconds the following message showing the search progress appears:

LGGR010I Progress: Found 540 of 25000 Records 344928 of Limit 1000000 Discard 0 Exclude 344388 Elapsed …




At SYSVIEW 14.1 the Select line command on CTRANS was changed, causing the different behavior. In 14.0 it issued CTRANLOG followed by a SELECT command to do the filtering, so you would get the initial CTRANLOG display of say 25000 records and then the SELECT command was applied to those records. In 14.1 it changed to supply the filtering parameters right on the CTRANLOG command (rather than using the SELECT command), which will cause it to search the log stream for matching records until either LINES or LIMIT or ELAPSED is reached.

The information about this enhancement can be found here, in the CA SYSVIEW Release Notes, "Enhancements to existing features".

SYSVIEW 14.1 also added a default timeout to CTRANLOG after 30 seconds to prevent very long searches. If the log stream being searched is very large, the search time required can be substantial. This is especially true if a large number of data LINES has been requested and the number of data records that would satisfy the search request are spread across the entire log stream. The log browse search will be interrupted when the elapsed time limit is reached.  The default time limit is 30 seconds but can be changed using the OPTIONS ELAPSED subcommand on CTRANLOG.


If you wish to have CTRANLOG read less records, you can go to CTRANLOG, then issue the OPTIONS subcommand.
You can specify a lower LIMIT value to tell SYSVIEW to read less records in a given search
(OPTION LIMIT nnnnnn )

Additional Information:

See CTRANLOG Command Help 


Release: FAQSO.00200-14.1-SYSVIEW-Performance Management