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Any change to Endevor EClipse Web Based UI Navigator View ?


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My Endevor V18 Eclipse Navigator View is empty, did Endevor Web Based UI eliminate Navigator View in V18 ?



No change has been made to V18 Endevor Eclipse Web Based UI Navigator View. The functionality and look and feel remains the same as V16.

Make sure your Tomcat is up and running, go to Eclipse->Window->Show View->Other, choose "Navigator" then click OK, your Navigator View should show.

If your Navigator View is empty, but project view shows all the information including Project Name, System, Subsystem, Stage, and Elements, try:

  • Restart Eclipse
  • Check "Navigator Filters" by click the

    <Please see attached file for image>

    button.png on the right side of Navigator view, make sure you did not filter out the files you want to display.


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