Unable to add a server to the Server List receives "AHD03075:Required attribute upload_path is missing from object Server".


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I am receiving an error "AHD03075:Required attribute upload_path is missing from object Server" when trying to add a secondary server to the Server List.


Service Desk Manager 12.9 cum1 Windows


CA SDM 12.9 cum 1 (RO72246 and RO72249) has not been applied completely.  In this case patch RO72247(English) was not installed as the environment was English. The <servername>.HIS file located on CA SDM sever $NX_ROOT recorded RO72246 and RO72249 being installed. But, RO72247(English) was missing.  This is what causes the problem.

The following patches will be copied to $NX_ROOT\patches folder after applying patch RO72249 successfully.

RO72247.CAZ for English; RO72248.CAZ for German; RO72250.CAZ for Spanish; RO72251.CAZ for French Canadian; RO72252.CAZ for French; RO72254.CAZ for Italian RO72256.CAZ for Japanese; RO72257.CAZ for Brazilian Portugese; RO72258.CAZ for Simplified Chinese.

* It is important Based on the language, please select an appropriate patch to apply via APPLYPTF to complete the cumulative 1 patch installation for r12.9.



Apply an appropriate lanuage patche listed above via APPLYPTF to complete the whole cumulative patch (cum 1) installation. Then, perform the post installation steps of RO72246. You can find the Post_Installation_and_Backout_Steps_for_
Conventional_for_Windows_Cumulative.txt in $NX_ROOT\doc folder on the Service Desk server.

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Solution Document for RO72249



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