After reloading a new ACT via TPXOPER that contains applications, the new applications are not visible on the CA TPX menu.
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After reloading a new ACT via TPXOPER that contains applications, the new applications are not visible on the CA TPX menu.


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


I've reloaded a new ACT via TPXOPER (RELOAD ACT=xxx), where the ACT name is different from the startup ACT.

TPX1A    - SY11 ************* TPX Operator      ********************** TEN0221 
MENORL02 Reload successful - only safe fields for non-quiesced appls           
                                --------- TPX Tables --------
                                TPX          Current          Reload
                                Startup      Reload           Parameter
  System Options:               SMRTZA                          SMRT=
  Application Definitions:      ACTZA         ACTNEW1           ACT=
  Virtual Terminal Masking:                                     MASK=
  Print Destination Def.:                                       PRTB=
  Passthrough Print Mgmt:                                       PPS=
  Terminal Options:                                             TRM=
  OfficeVision/MVS ACI:                                         OVAC=          
  Security Action/Message:                                      SAMT=

The new ACT contains a new application (CCCCCCCC), but after logging back on I still do not see the new application on my main TPX menu.


Release: NVINAM00200-5.3-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package


The TPX menu is built during user signon from sessions.  Sessions point to applications in the ACT or directly to the VTAM applid.


Your menu would not change unless this new application (CCCCCCCC) is connected to a session assigned to you when you sign on.  

See TPX Administration Guide for complete details, but TPX menu content will vary depending upon the implementation of TPX at your site:

  • Sessions can be defined at the user or profile level.  
  • Profile selection method is specified in SMRT Security Parameters.
  • Process is different for static and dynamic users.


The place where you would see that the new application has been added is in a D APPL command in TPXOPER:


TPX1A    - SY11 ************* TPX Operator      ********************** TEN0202
                             Application Summary                               
  ------------ Type ------------     ---------- Status ----------     Total
  Share   Group   Unique    TPX      Active   Inactive   Quiesced     Appls
  00000   00003   00000    00007     00007     00003      00000       00010
   Applid       Application description          Type      Status      Scnt
  TPXWINDW  TPX Windows                          ACT      ACTIVE       00000
  TPXVWUTL  TPX View Utility                     ACT      ACTIVE       00000
  TPXVIEW   TPX View                             ACT      ACTIVE       00000
  TPXOPER   TPX Operator                         ACT      ACTIVE       00001
  TPXNOTES  TPX Notepad                          ACT      ACTIVE       00000
  TPXMAIL   TPX Mailbox                          ACT      ACTIVE       00000
  TPXDEMO   TPX Dummy Session                    ACT      ACTIVE       00000
  TPXADMIN  TPX Administration                   GRP      ACTIVE       00000
  CCCCCCCC                                       GRP      INACTIVE     00000
******************************** BOTTOM OF DATA *******************************

Additional Information

TPX 5.4 Administrating Guide

TPX 5.4 Programming Guide - Profile Selection fro Dynamic Users