The XCOM server region waits on IBM's enqueue on SYSZTIOT with archived datasets
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The XCOM server region waits on IBM's enqueue on SYSZTIOT with archived datasets


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The XCOM server region waits on IBM's enqueue on SYSZTIOT when archived datasets were specified for a transfer. In certain cases, all type=schedule transfers will wait for this transfer to complete


Release: XCOM for z/OS r12
Component: xcmvs


The XCOM server region will wait on IBM's enqueue on SYSZTIOT when archived datasets are specified for a transfer unless the RCALPROC parameter is properly set.


The default table/config member parameter, RCALPROC , should be set to the name of the proc to be called if an archived dataset is specified in a file transfer request. This parameter applies only to TYPE=SCHEDULE transfers.

  • If the RCALPROC= parameter is omitted or blank, XCOM will handle archived datasets as before.

  • If the RCALPROC= parameter is specified,  XCOM sets the bit on the SVC99 to NOT wait on the allocation and kicks off the PROC.  XCOM will then retry the transfer based on the ERRINTV value specified in the default table.

If RCALPROC=XCOMRCAL is defined, the XCOMRCAL procedure should be coded as follows to recall the dataset:




XCOM will substitute the name of the archived dataset for parameter XDSN when the procedure is invoked via the START command from the CA-XCOM region.


If the RCALPROC= is coded, we recommend setting the ERRINTV parameter to a time interval long enough to allow the data set to be recalled. If the recall time is much higher than the normal ERRINTV currently in use, then we suggest that you set up a separate XCOM server to do transfers of datasets that are regularly migrated or archived to tape so you can set the ERRINTV value to that of the recall time without affecting the performance of your regular transfers.

Additional Information

This applies to scheduled transfers only.

The purpose of increasing the ERRINTV setting is to allow the transfer to retry and succeed after the RCALPROC has managed to recall the archived dataset.

The PROC gets kicked off as a STARTED TASK.  The tape mounts will appear wherever you have routed them in their system – but always in the SYSLOG.  They will NOT appear as part of the XCOM server output.