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Action Item Notification links directs you to the object that initiated the process


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We have a processes running from a subobject which sends a notification to a specific resource. In Ideas, we have a subobject Estimates. A checkbox within the Estimate object when selected triggers a process and sends out the notification. The notification step has thisIdea (Idea - linked object) as the Action Object But the notification still displays a link to the Estimate subobject. Can we have the Action item link point to the parent object?

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a event enabled sub object on the Idea object

  2. Create a Boolean attribute on that subobject and add it to the edit views page

  3. Create a process on that sub object linking its parent, the Idea object

  4. Make the start event upon Update with a start condition of the Boolean attribute = 1

  5. On the start step create a Manual Action item

  6. On the Action Section of that Action Item choose Idea as the Action Object (NOT the sub object)

  7. Move Resubmit from Available to selected

  8. Make your login as the assignee

  9. Submit

  10. On the Post Condition under "if..." of the Start Step enter the following expression actionitem.Start.ActionItem-ai01.assignees-RESUBMIT == 1

  11. On the Post Condition under "Then Go To" choose Finish.

  12. Save then Validate and activate the whole process

  13. Create a new Idea instance

  14. Create a new sub object instance

  15. Put a check on the Boolean attribute then Save

  16. Click on Organizer and open the Action Item generated

Expected Results: Link points to the Parent Object

Actual Results: Object link points to the Idea Sub Object instance


Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


This behavior is working as designed. The link will in the Action Item always be pointing to the object that initiated the Event for the process to start, regardless of the Action Object you choose when creating the Action Item in the process.

One way to have the link pointing to the parent object is to:

  1. Create a sub process for the parent object with an Action Item which is a Manual Notification.

  2. Then on the Action Item of the original process (initiated by the sub-object) call that sub-process.