What happened to the Timesheet Clock icon in the 'My Timesheets' portlet?
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What happened to the Timesheet Clock icon in the 'My Timesheets' portlet?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The 'My Timesheets' portlet is not displaying the timesheet icon correctly. The portlet previously showed a Timesheet Clock icon.  Now it looks like a person with a plus (+) sign and when you hover over the image, it shows 'Assign Resource'.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Go to Administration, Portlets, My Timesheets (cop.invMyTimesheets) 
  2. Navigate to List Column Section tab, Fields
  3. Click on the 'Timesheet' properties icon
  4. Immediately you will see the value for the 'Image' field is set to 'Assign Resource'
  5. This is not expected ; we should expect to see it reference the 'Timesheet Clock' 
  6. Click 'Save and Return' button
Expected Result: There should be no change to the timesheet icon 
Actual Result: The timesheet icon gets reset to the icon 'Assign Resource' because this is the first image in the list, there is no reference to the stock Timesheet Clock image.


This issue has been found in CA PPM 14.3.


This issue has been reported as CLRT-80063 / DE32390 to Engineering.


This issue has been fixed in CA PPM 15.3.

If the icon has already changed, it might be necessary to change it back to the Timesheet image after the upgrade to 15.3 (or higher) by doing the following:

Go to Administration > Studio > Portlets > Find and click on [My Timesheets] link (cop.invMyTimesheets) > List Column Section > Fields > Timesheet > [Properties] icon > and select the "Timesheet" image.