Is it possible to print the 'GROUP ID' of every User from UAMS?
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Is it possible to print the 'GROUP ID' of every User from UAMS?


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Is it possible to print the 'GROUP ID' of every User from UAMS?



Release: SLACCS00200-5-SOLVE:Access-Session Management


Yes. There is a sample provided in Report Writer (/RW) with Report Application $UASYS and Report Name $SUMMARY

Rep Appl   Typ   Userid   Name            Description                               
$UASYS    PUB              $SUMMARY     UAMS Summary                              

It includes field SEC001A, relevant to 'GROUP ID', and is extracted from UAMS dataset for each Userid record.

------------- Report Writer : View Report Layout -----------Line 1 of 8  
 Command ===>                                                 Scroll ===> CSR

 User Access Maintenance Subsystem - Summary Report (!DATE2         )          
                                            Cmd  UAMS  OCS  Brd- Netw Ops      
 Location             Phone        Group    Auth Auth  Acc  Cast Mgmt Mgmt   
 -------------------  ------------ -------- ---- ----- ---- ---- ---- -----   
 &sec0012             &sec0013     &sec001A &cm  &ua   &oc  &bs  &nw  &op    
-------------------------- End of Report ------------------------------------- 


Additional Information

The report is defined with lines containing constant and variables prefixed by '&' or '!' (exclamation mark).
The 'Fields' in the Report Layout, like '&CM' or '&UA'..., are related to &SEC00xx Fields.
Due to limited size in the presentation, the report is designed to use an ALIAS for the Real Names.

The &SEC00xx are structured fields described from 'Mainframe Network Management NetMaster and SOLVE Security Guide', in Appendix C 'Structured Fields'.

In Report Writer List of components, the Data Format show an option on PFKEY F5 (Fields) where the correspondence between the alias (Report Field) '&CM', '&UA', … and Real Field is displayed (i.e :& UA=&SEC002A).

The aliasing allows the Report Writer to reduce the size of the real name field and increase the number of report fields to be displayed.

It is also possible to insert additional fields in this sample from others sources of informations to obtain a custom report.
This may require a NCL procedure to format and filter the data to return to the fields.