Unable to publish schema. AHD04759 error.
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Unable to publish schema. AHD04759 error.


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When trying to publish schema the following AHD error occurs: 

AHD04759:schmerge failed.



You can follow this following knowledge document to help with the error:



If this does not fix the issue at hand the following steps can be performed to solve the problem:


-Check the main drive where Service Desk is installed and open up a command prompt window within the drive.

-Once a command prompt is open you can type dir /x and press 'enter.'

-Once that is performed you will be able to see if there is shortname for your directories enabled. EG: PROGRA~1 | PROGRA~2 for your program files directory as an example.
-If there is no shortname enabled please do the following to enable it:

  • fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 0

-Once that is done shortname should be enabled on your drive. To do double check just run the dir /x command again in your command prompt to be able to see the shorthand of every one of your directories.

-After shortname is enabled; a full uninstall of Service Desk needs to be performed.

-Once the uninstall is completed please perform a reinstall of the software for the changes to take effect.

-Once that is done a dummy update needs to be performed to the tables there were loaded to the database before the uninstall.

-Finally once the dummy update is completed, please open a command prompt. Within the command prompt do the following command:

  • pdm_publish

-This command will publish the dummy updates and successfully complete the publishing of the schema.


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License