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RQE02001I 12,999,0 on DDL or HDDL command


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RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS



In RC/Query the DDL or HDDL command on a table receives:

RQE02001I - DDL COMPLETED.  RC=12,999, 0


DB2 Tools R18


The region size is insufficient for OFS (Object Framework Services).  


If you are running z/OS 1.12 or 1.13 PTF RO79636 should be applied.

Increase the TSO logon Region Size.  The Install Guide recommends the following region sizes for the HDDL command:

Recommended Region Sizes for Executing the HDDL Command

The IEALIMIT or IEFUSI exit routine modules provide IBM-supplied default limits. If these defaults are not changed, the following region sizes

are recommended to execute HDDL successfully:

Region Size                                DB2 Object Size

0 KB or 0 MB                               Unlimited storage available. Any object with any number of dependencies.

< 0 MB < REGION < 16 MB           Small and medium sized objects:

                                                    ? Small (objects that have up to 100 dependent objects).

                                                    ? Medium (objects that have up to 1000 dependent objects).

< 16 MB < REGION < 32 MB          Large objects (objects that have more than 1000 dependent objects).

<32 MB < REGION < 2047 MB        Any DB2 object with more dependencies.


Additional Information:

R18 has the documentation on the Bookshelf and the new docops platform below.

R18 and later - (enter CA DB Management Solutions for DB2)


Component: RCQ