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Sysedge Fails to Start with error "./sysedgectl: line 135: /bin/casrvc: No such file or directory"


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CA Server Automation CA Virtual Assurance for IM



SystemEDGE will not start, causing Managed Agent Lost in Spectrum.  When starting systemedge with “./sysedgectl start” in the SystemEDGE bin folder, the following error is displayed:

./sysedgectl: line 135: /bin/casrvc: No such file or directory
Starting CA-SystemEDGE service.
CA SystemEDGE Version 5.9.0 – sysedge


Linux Operating System 


The sysedgectl script is not completing due to environmental variables not being set on the machine.  Due to the variables not being set, the agent cannot start.



Setting the environmental variables manually, or saving the profile.CA to the /etc/ directory will solve this problem.  Although setting the variables will allow systemEDGE to start, you will have to set them on each restart.  A permanent fix will be by entering a profile.CA in the /etc/ directory.

Step 1:

Place profile.CA in /etc/ (Loads the profiles into the shell to avoid having to manually run the profile):

  • Find another Linux agent host with the /etc/profile.CA availble
  • Transfer /etc/profile.CA to machine missing the file.
  • Load the profile by running: . /etc/profile.CA
  • Change Directory to sysedge bin: cd /opt/CA/SystemEDGE/bin
  • Start Sysedge: ./sysedgectl start


Step 2:

Manually Set the Variables, then start the agent (Run on every longon):


  • Run: . /opt/CA/SharedComponents/ccs/cam/scripts/envset
  • Run: cam
  • Change Directory to sysedge bin: cd /opt/CA/SystemEDGE/bin
  • Start Sysedge: ./sysedgectl start


Release: SEAUBC99000-12.7-Server Automation-Base Configuration