CA QuickFetch U0320 abend failure
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CA QuickFetch U0320 abend failure


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CA QuickFetch fails with the following abend:

 QFS409I - ENF EXIT REMOVED FOR EVENT CODE=52                    
QFS003I - CA-QUICK-FETCH DISABLED                               
IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT  753                                
  USER COMPLETION CODE=0320                                     
 TIME=13.56.04  SEQ=00955  CPU=0000  ASID=0057                  
 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  070C1000   8000D3B8  ILC 2  INTC 0D      
   ACTIVE LOAD MODULE           ADDRESS=00007000  OFFSET=000063B8




Release: ESBQKF99000-2.6-QuickFetch-Extended Support-Basic for CA QuickFetch RPO


A restart of CA QuickFetch causes the product to continue processing as if nothing was wrong.

When CA QuickFetch is processing a search request for an alias dataset, it   
will translate the alias to the real name. So, if the job specifies an    
ALIAS for a real dataset that is managed by CA QuickFetch, CA QuickFetch will try
to satisfy the fetches from the library the same way as if the real dataset
name would be used.         

U320) One of these abends occurs if a CA-Quick-Fetch address space
          detects a logical error while allocating the CA-Quick-Fetch
          managed libraries. A common reason for a U320 abend is that
          you specified a library name on the INCLPRVT parameter that
          is an alias for another library.

The recommendation is to find the alias and create a dataset from the real file or exclude the alias entry from CA QuickFetch control. CA QuickFetch does not process alias entries.