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HostName ignored when deploying Windows 10 Image


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  • When deploying a Windows 10 Image via OSIM the value defined for HostName is ignored and the target PC is allocated a generated name by Windows Setup.
  • In ..\windows\panther\setupact.log the following is seen

[Shell Unattend] ComputerName in unattend [<computer_name>] matches the current ComputerName [<computer_name>]

[Shell Unattend] skipping setting the same ComputerName


  • Windows 10 deployment via ImageX


  • This appears to be an issue in the GA Windows 10 release. 
  • If you attempt to deploy the new PC and give it the same name as the template used to generate the wim then it is ignored.


Ensure the HostName value used for the deployed PC's does not match the Host name used in the template PC used to generate the wim.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence