Management Lost alerts on Power Supply models.
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Management Lost alerts on Power Supply models.


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CA Spectrum


MANAGEMENT AGENT LOST alarms asserted on for Aros NetmanPlus UPS device models but the device responds to SNMP successfully. Adjusting the DCM time out, retry or throttle activation and throttle count (even as low as 1) did not influence the behavior in any way. A sniffer  trace clearly shows an snmp response from the device but is ignored by Spectrum.  

When sapwalk is run on the device, there are LEXORDER errors seen in the results:

#ERROR:LEXORDER: , OctetString , NetMan 100 plus
#ERROR:LEXORDER: , TimeTicks , 00 hrs: 00 min: 00 sec
#ERROR:LEXORDER: , OctetString ,
#ERROR:LEXORDER: , OctetString , <deviceName>
#ERROR:LEXORDER: , OctetString , <deviceLocation>
#ERROR:LEXORDER: , OctetString , <ifPhysAddress>




In the sniffer trace, when Spectrum requests the sysUpTime, the device responds with a value larger than 4294967296 which is greater than the max allowed value for sysUpTime with SNMP v1.  As a result of this non compliant SNMP v1 value,  Spectrum rejects the returned value and Sapwalk has a LEXORDER error beside the returned value.


Configure the device with an SNMPv2 community string and update the "SNMP Community String" field in the "CA Spectrum Modeling Information" subview in the Information tab of the model.

For example, if the v2 community string is "public", enter "#v2/public" in the "SNMP Community String" field.

NOTE: Rebooting the device does not initialize the sysUpTime and looking at the devices internal clock we see other unusual behavior such as a current date of 2054.  Please discuss any such incidents with the vendor to get a solution to this device problem.