FAQs for USS file trigger on CA Workload Automation ESP Edition
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FAQs for USS file trigger on CA Workload Automation ESP Edition


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ESP Workload Automation



PTF RO74243 introduces support for USS File trigger. There are some commonly asked questions.


ESP 11.4 Z/OS 


- After PTF RO74243 is applied, an system IPL is required. 

- PTF RO80514 should be applied together with RO74243, which may cause some fields of JOBMAP show wrong values. 

- No special settings on ESPPARM, SMF record type 92 subtype 11 and SMF record type 92 subtype 14 are needed; so the IBM SMF on the same lpar should gather the records. 

- It currently works when the file is Update (default, like any close) or rename of a USS file. 

- Type 92, subtype 11 records are generated when a USS file is closed after creation or after updating. If a USS file is created, but no bytes have been written, the SMF record is rejected and no triggering occurs. 

- The folder to store the files can’t be /tmp/ directory, like /SYS1/tmp which is most likely mounted as TFS (D OMVS,F will show it). The temporary file system (TFS) is an in-memory physical file system that supports in-storage mountable file systems and is not written to DASD. So in the SMF record field SMF92CBW, it shows no bytes being written. 

- The command being issued to create/update/rename the files, needs to specify the same path and file name with same cases as on the DSTRIG/DSNAME. Like: 

ls –l >> /SYS1/usr/test 


DSNAME '/SYS1/usr/test' USS 




Additional Information:

Please refer to more detail on the doc " USS File Trigger Enhancement" on support online.


Release: ENCWLA00200-11.4-Workload Automation-Restart Option-EE