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How to set heap size for the CA WA Agent.


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CA Workload Automation Agents


How can users adjust heap size for CA WA Agent?


By default the JVM will try to allocate memory based on Java default settings, which can 1 GB to 2 GB.
Very low or high memory allocation can have adverse affects.  Either can result in Out of Memory allocation error.


Release: 11.x or above
Component: Workload Automation Agent


Specify the following parameters in the agentparm.txt to allocate the memory.
oscomponent.jvm.x.options=-Xms<initial heap size>;-Xmx<maximum heap size>


After adding the parameter, restart the agent.  The above example will allow agent to have a maximum heap of 512 MB (recommended).  

Additional Information

The memory usage is shown in simple_monitor_health.log.  It will provide information on how much memory the agent needs and allocates.  This information can very between each instance of agent.

From simple_health_monitor.log

01/01/XXXX 00:00:12.345[:295] - Agent health information
                                                                                Maximum allocateable: 2048 MB    0 KB    0 B
                                                                                Total allocated heap:  256 MB  256 KB    0 B
                                                                                Currently free heap:   250 MB  250 KB  896 B