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What are the valid DB2 Versions and Modes in the SETUP member for DB2 11, 12 and above?


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 What are the valid DB2 Versions and Modes in the SETUPxx parmlib member for DB2 Version 11 and 12 and above?





Component: GEN


 Valid values for Db2 Subsystem Version and Mode supported by R20:      
 Db2 11:                                                                        
  Version:                 Mode:                                                
  V11                       CM           Conversion mode                           
                               CM*          Conversion fallback mode                  
                               ENFM       Enable new function mode                  
                               ENFM*      Enable new function fallback mode         
                               NFM           New function mode      

 Db2 12 and above:                                                              
  Function Level:          Catalog Level: (SSIDVERF/SSIDVERC)                   
  V12R1M100                V12R1M500  New functions not activated               
  V12R1M500                V12R1M500  New functions of initial release activated
  VxxR1Mnnn                VxxR1Mnnn  Continuous delivery updates               
  VxxR1Mnnn*               VxxR1Mnnn  Function level in fallback mode           

This information can be found on the Post Install Help Panel when selecting a SETUPxx member and doing help on ' Db2 12 and above: Function Level>'.