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What is the difference between "retired element" and "deleted element"?


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What is the difference between "retired element" and "deleted element"?


For any Operating Systems and any CA eHealth versions


A deleted element is one that you no longer want to poll and that you do not want to include in reports. When you delete an element, CA eHealth removes all data associated with that element from the database. However, CA eHealth can attempt to rediscover it the next time that you run the discover process for the same IP address, but it will be a new and different element, even if it has the same name.


A retired element is one that you no longer want to poll, but that you want to include in reports until its data ages out or you delete the element. When you retire an element, you retain the old element but do not collect new data for it. You may want to retire an element when you upgrade to a new technology so that you can compare the improvement for the new technology type. The discover process ignores retired elements when it compares newly discovered elements to those in the database.

Note:When you unretire an element that was previously being monitored by Live Exceptions (LE), CA eHealth does not re-enable LE monitoring. You must use the OneClickEH console to edit the element and re-enable the setting. 


Additional Information:

You can find further detailed information on : CA eHealth Administration guide

Chapter 4 . Search for “How to Retire Elements” or “How to Delete Elements”



Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements