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Unable to fetch data in multiselect Drop down when set to true


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 How to fetch data from Single select to Multi-select drop down


You can use input provided by the user in one or more fields in the form to determine the values in a select box. This technique is useful when you want to provide the user with two sets of multiple valid choices from your data source but do not want to enable the user to specify a custom selection.

To use the multi-select feature from one select box to another, set the onchange attribute to retrieve the data for the second select box as soon as the user makes a selection in the first select box. For the onchange attribute, specify the pre-defined JavaScript function named ca_fdFetchSelectData, using the following format:

ca_fdFetchSelectData('<form _id>','<field _id>');


Release: CASVCT99000-12.9-Service Catalog