What is the Mastercat SVC?
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What is the Mastercat SVC?


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MasterCat VSAM Catalog Management


What is the Mastercat SVC used for and how do I install the SVC?




The user SVC can be either a type 3 or type 4 SVC and must be installed if MCTBATCH is executed from an unauthorized library -OR- you execute ISMISPF under ISPF.                          

To install the user SVC, do the following:                 
1. Copy ICAMSVC into SYS1.LPALIB, renaming it appropriately.
   For example, the name for SVC 248 is IGC0024H.          
2. Zap the SVC number into MCTICAM.  For example, the zap  
   for SVC 248 is as follows:                              
   NAME MCTICAM ICAMOPEN                                   
   VER 0008 00                                             
   REP 0008 F8                                             
3. Install ICAMSVC in the MLPA or IPL with a CLPA.      

Additional Information

This information is documented in the following file that was unloaded during the install and contains additional information regarding the Mastercat install requirements.