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How to view eHealth user's access to Groups and Group Lists


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CA eHealth



By setting specific permissions on a user account, you can control the user's access to various web pages, CA eHealth applications, and reports.
You can also limit the administrative functions that the user can access through the Web user interface and OneClickEH.


Element access is determined by a union of the Groups and Group Lists with access=Yes.

You can follow below steps to view user access to Groups and Group lists:

(1)In OneClickEH

 To determine which users have access to a Groups or Group Lists

 1) Access OneClickEH.
 2) Select Managed Resources, Groups or Group Lists.  The groups or group lists are listed in the right pane.
 3)Select the group or group list name from the left pane.
    Information tabs related to that Groups or Group List appear in the right pane.
 4)Select the Users Access tab.
  A list of accounts with permissions to view the specified group or group list appears.
 5)Select and edit the user to enable/disable access to Groups and Group Lists.

(2)Via the command-line

 select group_name from nh_user_group_permissions where user_name like '<user name>';
 1>Login to DB
 2>Run query
  SQL> select group_name from nh_user_group_permissions where user_name like 'admin';

Additional Information:

If you modify, disable, or enable permissions on a web user account while the user is logged in, some changes may not take effect immediately. As a result, options that have been disabled may still appear in the menus. If a user attempts to use an option that you have disabled, an error will occur. To effect all changes immediately, the user must log out of OneClickEH and log back in.



Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements