Testing JUMDEF and receiving IEC141I 013-18
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Testing JUMDEF and receiving IEC141I 013-18


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Telon Application Generator



Running JUMDEF and receiving the following error when testing JUMDEF:

IEC141I 013-18,IGG0191B,@xxxxxxx,CONTROL,SYSUT1,0267,WORK69,SYS16076.T162145.RA000......(SCRNDEF)

The member in the CA Telon release 5.1 CAWLSRCC which was being imported was the EMPLQ1.  This is a COBOL definition.  It is not exported source which can then be imported into the CA Telon TDF via the JUMDEF member.  




Telon Application Generator, release 5.1


Please use any member such as TRCB60BD in the CAWLSRCC library which has the "./ ADD NAME=SCRNDEF" line as the very beginning of the member.

The dataset in which the member was not found is a temporary dataset created by Telon.  The member that could not be found is SCRNDEF, which is the name of the ./ ADD member that contains the actual CA Telon exported source.  When SCRNDEF is missing from the temporary PDS, it means that there is something wrong with the contents of the member itself; specifically, the first line was not "./ ADD NAME=SCRNDEF" as it always must be in exported source.