Excessive Cisco ASA Memory threshold alerts in CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


For some CISCO ASA devices you may see excessive MEMPOOL alerts for MEMPOOL_DMA and MEMPOOL_GLOBAL_SHARED.


Cisco does not recommend polling MEMPOOL_GLOBAL_SHARED as it causes excessive CPU utilization. 


Spectrum 10.2 or later


Bypass polling MEMPOOL_GLOBAL_SHARED by disabling polling and creating a SpectroWATCH to monitor memory.
To disable Memory Threshold monitoring, which should prevent SpectroSERVER for polling Cisco-Memory-Pool-Mib: 

- select the device icon -> Information tab -> Threshold & Watch 
- click the blue 'Set' link under "duration" column of the Memory entry 
- click the blue 'Disable' and then click the blue 'Save' link 

To create the SpectroWATCH, see the following steps: 

1. Find the Cisco_Mem_App application model 
Go to Locater tab, double-click "By Device IP Address" search under "Application Models" folder, key in the device IP address and find Cisco_Mem_App application model 

2. Go to Information tab -> Thresholds And Watches subview of Cisco_Mem_App application model. Click the create new SpectroWATCH icon (spectacle with plus sign) 

3. Create SpectroWATCH with the required configuration 

Name                 SystemMemoryWatch 

Developer ID         0xffff0000 

Author               spectrum 

Last Modified Time:  Feb 17, 2016 9:49:59 AM IST 

Model Type           Cisco_Mem_App 

Data Type            Real 

**Expression         ( REAL(ciscoMemoryPoolUsed.1) / ( REAL(ciscoMemoryPoolUsed.1) + REAL(ciscoMemoryPoolFree.1) ) ) * REAL(100) 

Instance             None 

Active By Default    No 

Evaluate By Polling  every 0 Days + 00:05:00 

Inheritable          Yes 


Threshold violated if value >= 85 . 

Threshold reset if value < 70 . 

Generate Minor alarm with cause code 0x5270000 . Alarm is user clearable. Watch will be reset upon user clearing of alarm. 

** - For devices that support memory greater than 2 GB, use the following Expression:

Expression ( REAL(cempMemPoolHCUsed.1) / ( REAL(cempMemPoolHCUsed.1) + REAL(cempMemPoolHCFree.1) ) ) * REAL(100)

4. Go back to Information tab -> Thresholds And Watches subview of Cisco_Mem_App application model. Click the Activate SpectroWATCH icon (spectacle with right arrow icon) to activate the SpectroWATCH on 
that particular model 

5. The SpectroWATCH is created on Cisco_Mem_App model type, so you can go to other device's Cisco_Mem_App model and activate the SpectroWATCH if you want to monitor the System Memory of that other device


Additional Information

Please reference the "TechDocs : DX NetOps 20.2.x - Watches" section of the documentation for more information.

Please reference "ASA SNMP Polling for Memory-Related Statistics" for more information.