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Excessive Cisco ASA Memory threshold alerts in CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


For some CISCO ASA devices you may see excessive MEMPOOL alerts for MEMPOOL_DMA and MEMPOOL_GLOBAL_SHARED.


Spectrum 10.2 or later


Cisco does not recommend polling MEMPOOL_GLOBAL_SHARED as it causes excessive CPU utilization. 


Bypass polling MEMPOOL_GLOBAL_SHARED by disabling polling and creating a SpectroWATCH to monitor memory.
To disable Memory Threshold monitoring, which should prevent SpectroSERVER for polling Cisco-Memory-Pool-Mib: 

- select the device icon -> Information tab -> Threshold & Watch 
- click the blue 'Set' link under "duration" column of the Memory entry 
- click the blue 'Disable' and then click the blue 'Save' link 

To create the SpectroWATCH, see the following steps: 

1. Find the Cisco_Mem_App application model 
Go to Locater tab, double-click "By Device IP Address" search under "Application Models" folder, key in the device IP address and find Cisco_Mem_App application model 

2. Go to Information tab -> Thresholds And Watches subview of Cisco_Mem_App application model. Click the create new SpectroWATCH icon (spectacle with plus sign) 

3. Create SpectroWATCH with the required configuration 

Name                 SystemMemoryWatch 

Developer ID         0xffff0000 

Author               spectrum 

Last Modified Time:  Feb 17, 2016 9:49:59 AM IST 

Model Type           Cisco_Mem_App 

Data Type            Real 

**Expression         ( REAL(ciscoMemoryPoolUsed.1) / ( REAL(ciscoMemoryPoolUsed.1) + REAL(ciscoMemoryPoolFree.1) ) ) * REAL(100) 

Instance             None 

Active By Default    No 

Evaluate By Polling  every 0 Days + 00:05:00 

Inheritable          Yes 


Threshold violated if value >= 85 . 

Threshold reset if value < 70 . 

Generate Minor alarm with cause code 0x5270000 . Alarm is user clearable. Watch will be reset upon user clearing of alarm. 

** - For devices that support memory greater than 2 GB, use the following Expression:

Expression ( REAL(cempMemPoolHCUsed.1) / ( REAL(cempMemPoolHCUsed.1) + REAL(cempMemPoolHCFree.1) ) ) * REAL(100)

4. Go back to Information tab -> Thresholds And Watches subview of Cisco_Mem_App application model. Click the Activate SpectroWATCH icon (spectacle with right arrow icon) to activate the SpectroWATCH on 
that particular model 

5. The SpectroWATCH is created on ALL Cisco_Mem_App model types on the landscape, so you can go to other device's Cisco_Mem_App model and activate the SpectroWATCH if you want to monitor the System Memory of that other device.  You can also make this active by default and it will go active on all applicable devices.


Additional Information

Please reference the "TechDocs : DX NetOps 20.2.x - Watches" section of the documentation for more information.

Please reference "ASA SNMP Polling for Memory-Related Statistics" for more information.