Network Profile Discovery fails with error: CCA-ND-8062: Exception - Unable to lock Network Discovery scan database.


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When executing Network Profile Discovery jobs it fails with the following error:

CCA-ND-8062: Exception - Unable to lock Network Discovery scan database.




Release: ACMPHY99000-12.8-Configuration Automation-for Physical Environments



There is an existing communities post with instructions on clearing out the cached database NDG database files.

However if the job still fails here are some things to consider:

  •    How many servers are included in the inclusion list?

     If there are a large number of systems, try reducing the number by a half.

  •  How many networks are included in the inclusion list?

     NDG supports discovery of up to 8-10 networks maximum.  If the job continues to fail, try reducing the number of networks.

  •  Which scan policy is being used for the discovery job?

      Change the scan policy to "Pingsweep Scan with Softagent, but without Server Relationships".

      Relationships to be discovered can change if the targeted system has changed (i.e. IP Address changed).  This can cause       a conflict with a previously discovered relationship with the targeted system.  


<Please see attached file for image>


  • Are any servers in the inclusion list a Domain Controller , Database SAN system, vCenter Server, or Database cluster

    Domain Controllers and Database SAN systems tend to have a large number of relationships that need to be              updated in the CCA database.  

    Try placing any of these types of systems in the exclusion list and then try running discovery again.

    Another alternative is to try performing a single server discovery against these systems to verify if discovery returns the same error.



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