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When installing maintenance on release r19 why are many of the Tablespaces in the PTDB Database now created with DEFINE NO?


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After applying maintenance on r19 and executing the Post Install tasks, 'Compare DB2 Objects' and 'Create Required DB2 Objects', the tasks have generated DDL to create many of the PTDB Tablespaces as DEFINE NO.

Why has this changed and what controls this?


PTF R085232 is responsible for implementing these changes on r19 along with a number of coreqs for the other product FMIDs. Several new parameters have been added to the Post Install panel INSEDSE6, 'Edit Parmlib Member SETUP TS/IX Options'.

DEFINE (TS and IX).......> (YES or NO)
CLOSE (TS and IX).......> (YES or NO)
COMPRESS Tablespace........> (YES or NO)

The DEFINE parameter defaults to NO.

The Holddata for PTF RO85232 instructs that the following Post Install tasks be performed after applying this maintenance.

1. Compare DB2 Objects
2. Create Required DB2 Objects
3. Bind Product Packages and Plans

It is recommended when performing these tasks that the task JCL be regenerated through the panels to pick up any changes such as these new parameters.


Component: INS