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Quick Link ?Simulate Access Attempt? returns ACF02002 on a resource simulation for a User ID that should pass; what can I do to fix this?


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Mainframe Chorus DBA Discipline



When trying to simulate an access attempt through the CA Chorus for Security and Compliance Management “Simulate Access Attempt” Quick Link for a particular UserID, the simulation returns ACF02002 messages. These messages appear even if the ID logged into the Simulation UI is the same as the ID that is being simulated and the simulated ID has access to the resource.  




Check your DSI STC ID for the required privileges.  The DSI STC ID requires the STC, NO-SMC, and MUSASS ACF2 privileges for the “Simulate Access Attempt” UI to use the appropriate ID to perform the simulation.  Without these privileges, the UI tries to perform the simulation using the DSI STC ID.  If the DSI STC ID does not have access to the ID that is being simulated, the UI will throw the ACF02002 messages.


Component: CHRSEC