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How to remove entry of secondary hub discovery from USM which is already uninstalled.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) NIMSOFT PROBES



Entry of Secondary hub's discovery needs to be removed from USM. Secondary hub has been uninstalled now.


UIM: 8.x

UMP: 8.x

Database: MS-SQL Database


Entries of the desired discovery_agent are present in Nimsoft SLM database. Hence, it was available on USM. Those entries need to be removed from Nimsoft SLM Database.


 - Run below queries on Nimsoft SLM database: 

select * from CM_DISCOVERY_AGENT. 
This will list out all the hubs running discovery_agent. Now identify the hub which needs to be removed. 
- Make a note of that corresponding hub's 'da_id' value. 
- First delete all the discovered devices from CM_DISCOVERY_NETWORK whose da_id value is same of the identified hub. Run below query: 
delete from CM_DISCOVERY_NETWORK where da_id = 'value captured in previous query' 
- Now delete the entry from the CM_DISCOVERY_AGENT table with the same da_id 
- deactivate/activate wasp probe 
- Now , access UMP portal, the required entry has been removed. 


Component: CAUIM