REVMGR-20901: Role is not allowed in Resource ID
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REVMGR-20901: Role is not allowed in Resource ID


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Clarity PPM On Premise



We are on v14.3.

One of our projects has an unnamed resource in the Cost Plan and I have no idea where it is coming from. 

We populate our Cost Plans from the investment team and the Cost Plan is grouped by Resource. I have checked the Active and Inactive resources on the Team tab and I cannot see a resource that could be populating with no role or name on the cost plan. 

Upon further investigation we see there are some actual financial transactions already posted into WIP with a ROLE in the RESOURCE field.

We tried to make a WIP Adjustment and the application does not allow us to correct it to a valid resource.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login as a Financial Administrator
  2. Home, Create WIP Adjustment
  3. Locate an existing financial transaction that has a ROLE saved into the RESOURCE field on the transaction
  4. Make an adjustment on this transaction to pick a valid RESOURCE
  5. Click 'Save and Return' button

Expected Result: The adjustment should be successful  

Actual Result: The adjustment cannot be saved and the error is generated - REVMGR-20901: Role is not allowed in Resource ID 


The customer is currently on v14.3 and the financial transactions were created in a previous release.

In previous versions, v13.x thru v14.2, when Roles were first enabled for financial properties, a new issue appeared that allowed users to incorrectly select a financially enabled ROLE on the RESOURCE ID field within a manual voucher Transaction Entry.  This was logged as CLRT-73608 and fixed in v14.3

The fix for CLRT-73608 in v14.3 now prevents the new creation of transactions using a ROLE because the lookup browse does not provide these records for selection.

Now in v14.3, any pre-existing transactions that has a ROLE incorrectly added into the RESOURCE field, the application will do an integrity check and prevent financial processing on these transactions for a WIP Adjustment, WIP Transfer or WIP Reversal.

We have logged CLRT-80061 for this issue.


Pending review and disposition from development.


Please log a case and contact CA Technical Support if you have an issue with data that has a ROLE in the RESOURCE field on any transactions.

You can find existing transactions that may have a role on the resource field, using the following query:

select * from ppa_wip 
where resource_code in
(select unique_name 
  from srm_resources 
  where user_id is null 
    and resource_type = 0 
    and person_type = 0


Release: ESPCLA99000-14.3-Clarity-Extended Support Plus