Create Monitor to send trap when a specific service starts
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Create Monitor to send trap when a specific service starts


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CA Server Automation CA Virtual Assurance for IM



Create a monitor to send a trap when a specific service starts.


Create 2 Monitors. A process Monitor and Threshold Monitor. (see additional info for why)

To create the monitor in VAIM:

1.      Create a Process Monitor: 
- Index: 11 (This value needs to be unique and used later on)
- Object Attribute: ProcessAlive
- Process/Service  Name: Telephony (Replace with your service name)

     Optional Settings Tab:
- Do not send any trap
- Do not log any traps
- No not-ready trap
- No process Start Traps
- Monitor Windows Service or Solaris zones

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2.      Create a Threshold Monitor
- Index: 12
- ObjectClass: ProcessMonEntry
- ObjectAttribute: pmonRowStatus
- Object Instance: 11 (This will be the index of the process monitor above)

Threshold Configuration:
- Severity: None (You can change this)
- Operator: Equal To
- Value: 1 (See additional Information, 1 = Active)
- Scale: 1
- SampleType: absolute Value
Optional Settings:
- No not-ready traps 


3.      Apply the Policy to Server

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<Please see attached file for image>


Manual SystemEDGE configuration Instructions:

Add the following two lines to the

 1.      Service Monitor:

watch ntservice Telephony 11 0x824a 60 '' '' processEntry Telephony processAlive none

 2.      Threshold Monitor:

monitor processMonEntry 11 pmonRowStatus 12 0x40 60 absolute = 1 1212 '' processMonEntry 11 pmonRowStatus none

 3.      Save the .cf and restart the SystemEDGE Agent


Additional Information:

The process monitor will identify the Service and gather MIB information that will be populated in the processMonTable.  The Threshold monitor will be used to set monitors for the pmonRowStatus value located in the processMonTable.  Making a threshold based off pmonRowStatus equaling 1 will cause a trap to be sent when the service starts.

Name:  pmonRowStatus

OID:  .


The status of this monitor entry according to the Textual Conventions for SNMPv2 (see RFC 1443).

active(1)        - the row is available for usage

notInService(2)  - setting to this value disables usage of the row

notReady(3)      - an error occured during usage of the row

createAndGo(4)   - setting to this value creates the row with row status set to active(1)

createAndWait(5) - setting to this value creates the row with row status set to notInService(2)

destroy(6)       - setting to this value deletes the row

 Syntax for Service Monitor (Descriptions are listed in the

    watch ntservice '<regexpr>' <index> <flags> <interval> ['<descr>' ['<action>' ['<objClass>' '<objInst>' '<objAttr>' <severity>]]]   (Windows only)

 Syntax for Threshold Monitor (Descriptions are listed in the

   monitor <table> '<inst>' <attr> <index> <flags> <interval> <stype>[/<scale>] <oper> <thresh> ['<descr>' ['<action>' ['<objClass>' '<objInst>' '<objAttr>' <severity>]]]


Release: SEAUBC99000-12.7-Server Automation-Base Configuration


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