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Unable to edit the Allocation for a Team Member on a project


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Clarity PPM On Premise



Even though "Allow Editing" is checked for the Allocation attribute on the Team Staff and Team Detail pages, you cannot edit Allocations. On the Team - Detail page, it allows you to edit the field, but your change is not saved. 

Steps to Reproduce:

Method 1: Team - Staff page:

  1. In PPM, go to a project's Team tab which takes you to the Team Staff page 
  2. Click on the Allocation field for a team member to attempt to edit their allocation 

Expected Result:  The Allocation field becomes editable and you are able to update the resource's allocation to a different a value 

Actual Result: The field is read only, and you are unable to edit the allocation 


Method 2: Team - Detail page:

  1. In PPM, go to a project's Team tab, and from the Team tab select Detail 
  2. Click on the Allocation field for a team member to attempt to edit their allocation 
  3. Change the Allocation value and click Save 

Expected Result:  The Allocation value is saved successfully  

Actual Result: The Allocation value reverts back to the original value prior to edit 



Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.  


The allocation field is a calculated field and cannot be edited manually.


The only way to modify the Allocation field is to change the Default Allocation % field. The Default Allocation % field computes the Allocation field by taking the Allocation value and multiplying it by the Allocation percentage. For example, if the Allocation value is 512 and the Allocation % is 100%, if you want the Allocation value to be changed to 128, change the Default Allocation % to 25. To figure out what the Allocation % should be to get your value, divide the value you want the Allocation to be (128) by the current Allocation value (512) to get 128/512 = .25 (enter it as 25 for Allocation % since it is a percentage value). 

Tip: If one or more of the fields mentioned in this KB isn't displayed in your column list, to add it:

  1. Select the Options wheel in the right hand corner of the page then Configure
  2. Select the attribute in 'Available Columns' and move it to 'Selected Columns'
  3. Click 'Save and Return'

Additional Information:

Reference Docops : Manage Resource Allocation



Release: ESPCLA99000-14.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus