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nhCheckInstallPreReqs fails on kernel.sem


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CA eHealth



nhCheckInstallPreReqs fail with the below which in turn causes attempts at running Install to fail as well:

     ./nhCheckInstallPreReqs -noPass

     NOTE -- Installing eHealth on Red Hat Enterprise Linux r7.2.

     Parameter sem needs to be at least 250 32000 100 128 but is  250        32000   100     128



eHealth &

Linux 7.x (most seen in 7.2)


kernel.sem_next_id also exists in addition to kernel.sem


This problem is slated to be resolved in 


Validate that kernel.sem is set to at least 250 3200 100 128 by running:

     sysctl -a | grep "kernel.sem ="


Example output would be:

     kernel.sem = 250        32000   100     128


So long as this is the ONLY failure of the nhCheckInstallPreReqs script, you can then initiate the install by issuing the below command:

     ./Install –noCheck

Additional Information: 

By using the –noCheck switch in any other situation when not directed by CA Support may potentially corrupt your installation / upgrade.  Use this switch ONLY at the direction of CA Support.  If you have any questions or concerns please open up a support case at and reference this KB Article in the description.


Component: EHINST