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IDMS: Sample PROCEDURE using an ADS dialog


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This article contains a sample IDMS PROCEDURE using an ADS dialog as the implementing program.


Release: All supported releases
Component: IDMS SQL Option, ADS


The PROCEDURE provided in this sample makes a call to IDMSCALC which can be used to determine a target calc page.

Download and extract the .zip file attached to this article below.

Add the source in IDD.TXT to your dictionary.

Define the procedure using the source in OCF.TXT. It assumes you have an SQL schema called SAMPSQL. If you don’t, just change the name of the SQL schema.

Use the source in ADSOBCOM.TXT to compile the dialog using ADSOBCOM. If you have changed the SQL schema name, you must change it here as well (in the ADD SQL TABLE clause).

Sample executions of the procedure can be found in EXAMPLE.TXT.

Note also that program IDMSCALC must be defined to the System Generation. Although it is a system module, it is not by default added to the System Generation during an install. Sample source is provided in SYSGEN.TXT in the zip file.

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