How to Install and Configuring the VCaim (Virtual Center SystemEDGE AIM)
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How to Install and Configuring the VCaim (Virtual Center SystemEDGE AIM)


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CA Spectrum


SystemEDGE can be configured to gather information about a vCenter instance(s).  This can be done by using the SystemEDGE + Advanced Encryption Module + VCaim (Virtual Center AIM).


    Release: SYSEDG99000-12.9-Stand Alone SystemEDGE Agent



    VAIM can be used to deploy an agent with the VCaim and Advanced Encryption, or a manual install can be done.

    Note: The below instructions require CA SystemEDGE be installed prior to completing the below steps.
             Skip to the configuration section to manually configure the VCaim to manage the Vcenter environment.



    Manual Install:
    1. Navigate the SystemEDGE Media: E:\Installers\Windows\Agent\SysMan\CA_SystemEDGE_AdvancedEncryption
    2. Run the installation: ca-setup CA_SETUP_MODE=UNATTENDED EULA_ACCEPTED="YES"
    3. Navigate the SystemEDGE media: E:\Installers\Windows\Agent\SysMan\CA_SystemEDGE_VC
    4. Run the installation: ca-setup CA_SETUP_MODE=UNATTENDED EULA_ACCEPTED="YES"
    VAIM UI Software Deployment: 
    1. Navigate to Deploy Tab, and create a new Job.
    2. Name the Job
    3. Select a Platform: Windows (must be windows)
    4. Select 
      CA SystemEDGE 5.9.0
      CA SystemEDGE Advanced Encryption 5.9.0
      CA SystemEDGE VC 5.9.0
    5. Select your target machine to have VCaim installed
    6. Set System Credentials.
    7. Set delivery time.

    After the Configuration of the VCAim, Discover VCaim in Spectrum to populate the models. 
    1. Log into a SystemEDGE Machine with VCaim installed, and navigate to: C:\Program Files\CA\SystemEDGE\plugins\AIPCommon>
    2. Right click and select "Run as Administrator on "nodecfgutil.exe"
    3. Select 1 for "Install Managed Node"
    4. Select VMware vCenter 
    5. Enter 
      Vcenter Server Name:
      User Name: (see additional information)
    6. Authentication Confirmation will appear if correct

    Additional Information

    • ·        Prerequisites for VCaim - SystemEDGE, SystemEDGE Advanced Encryption.
    • ·        No other AIM's should be installed with VCaim other than Cisco UCS.
    • ·        The machine with the VCaim installed cannot have Vcenter installed locally.
    • ·        The username specified in the nodecfgutil.exe will only be able to populate data that the user has permissions for in vCenter.


    If you experience issues during the installation/configuration please open a support case. Open a Case
     and attach the below information to expedite root cause analysis.
    1. Navigate to: C:\Program Files\CA\SystemEDGE\bin of the VCaim Machine via cmd.
    2. Run a Walk of the MIB:
      walktree -h -p 161 -c public -o > walktree.txt
      -h = Host, -p = Port, -c = Community, -o = OID = cavmvcaim
    3. Zip the entire port1691 or port161
    4. Screenshot of all errors.