How to change the ip address used in URL when launching CAPC from the Spectrum context menu


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CA Spectrum


We have Spectrum and CAPC integrated and from the Spectrum context menu, when launching the CAPC item, the ip address in the URL displayed in the web browser is not correct.

In the browser we have:

However the correct ip address is: is the address of a secondary interface on CAPC box, but it is not reachable to users. 


How can we change the addressed used by Spectrum to access CAPC?




Do the followingg to change the address:

1. Log into OneClick as an ADMIN user

2. Use the Locater to find the NetqosIntegrationManager model and select it from the Results list

3. Click on the Attributes tab in the Coponent Detail panel

4. Find and select the CAPC_URL_Prefix attribute id 0x5c40005

5. Change the value to the correct ip and save

6. Restart tomcat on the OneClick system

Additional Information

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