Receiving message QI314E in the Post Install panels.
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Receiving message QI314E in the Post Install panels.


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When entering Option 3 TASKs from Post Install,  then selecting a DB2 10 subsystem, the following message may occur:

QI314 : Mode ENFM for DB2 V10 is not supported by this release.


Component: INS


An invalid SSIDMODE of 'ENFM' has been specified in the SETUPxx Parmlib member.


Amend the SSIDMODE in the relevant SETUPxx member for this subsystem to a valid mode:


For DB2 10 the valid SSIDMODEs that can be used are:



CM8    = Version 8 conversion mode
CM8*   = Version 8 conversion fallback mode
CM9    = Version 9 conversion mode
CM9*   = Version 9 conversion fallback mode
ENFM8  = Version 8 enabling-new-function mode
ENFM8* = Version 8 enabling-new-function fallback mode
ENFM9  = Version 9 enabling-new-function mode
ENFM9* = Version 9 enabling-new-function fallback mode
NFM    = New function mode