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Starting a Few Jobs on Autosys without Starting All Jobs


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What is the best way to bring up Autosys in a controlled fashion so we can force start only few jobs (and not all the jobs)?



11.3.X-Workload Automation AE-Production Server



You can start the scheduler in Global Auto Hold mode. Starting the scheduler in Global Auto Hold mode prevents the scheduler from being flooded with jobs that were scheduled to run during any down time. Instead of starting the jobs whose starting conditions have been met, the scheduler puts them in a ON_HOLD status. This approach lets you decide which jobs should run. The only way to start a job when you start the scheduler in Global Auto Hold mode is to send a FORCE_STARTJOB event.

To start the scheduler on Global Auto Hold, follow these steps:

1. Log in to CA Workload Automation AE as a user authorized to stop the scheduler and run the shell that is sourced to use CA Workload Automation AE.

2. Enter the following command at the operating system prompt: sendevent -E STOP_DEMON

3. Edit the config.$AUTOSERV file (or config.%AUTOSERV% file) and set:  




4. Save the file.

5. Enter the following command at the operating system prompt: eventor


The scheduler starts in Global Auto Hold mode.


Additional Information:

Visit the CA Workload Automation AE & Workload Control Center DocOps Space for more information about configuring and using Global Auto Hold. 


Release: ATSAGE99000-11.3-Workload Automation AE-Remote Agent