Getting security violation
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Getting security violation


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FAQS - Automated Systems Operation



Getting a security violation trying to run a batch job to delete a group from the current file.



The violation is due to Security rules set up at the Event or Group level and the default PCS userid is not included in the BYPASS list.



Verify the PCS default user id so it can be added to the BYPASS list.

How to Verify the DEFAULT PCS user id:

From the pcs main menu, select 'O' Configuration Options, then select 'G' Global Configuration Options and hit PF8.                                                                       The default user id is the first line.

This is the ID must be added to the BYPASS list for the security rule.

How to check security rules:

From the PCS main menu, select 'S' security, then 'E' event security

Edit any rule that has Current UPDATE and add the PCS default userid to the BYPASS list.

Also check option 'V; Event group security for any rules that impact the Current File.



Release: FQ/FL.00100-5.1-FAQS-Automated Systems Operation